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Animal Works Australia is an Australian not-for-profit association that works with partners around the globe to conserve wildlife. We are a volunteer-run body of conservationists, educators, business professionals and creatives that are passionate about the natural world and determined not to let the world’s most iconic species disappear.

Why we’re Different

Animal Works only raises funds for physical resources that animals and habitats need in order to survive and thrive naturally and safely. We don’t pay ‘grey’ costs like wages, admin or marketing fees. We purchase equipment, natural untainted land, veterinary supplies, food, anti-poaching gear, educational materials and research tools (like camera traps). You can be sure that your donations to Animal Works Australia will go directly to a real solution – not into anyone’s salary.

Help Us Help Them!

Be a part of Animal Works and help us purchase the equipment, veterinary supplies, habitat, food and all other resources for the research, rescue, rehabilitation and release of endangered and threatened wildlife around the world. Choose your project on our 'What We Do' page and show your support.

Fundraising Dinner for African Elephants: Sunday 19th October!

We are very excited to announce our next fundraising dinner!!! On Sunday 19th October we'll be holding a 'Tusk at Dusk' dinner at the beautiful Ripples Chowder Bay with the aim of raising $20,000 for the little orphan elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. It will be a 6-6.30pm start with drinks on arrival. There'll be live entertainment, with wonderful door-prizes and every guest is automatically contributing by just being there. Bookings need to be made directly with the Ripples. Full-payment required at time of booking. Dinner, wines, and beers to match with dessert and coffee included, all overlooking the waterside beauty of Chowder Bay. To book your place please contact Ripples Chowder Bay on (02) 9960 3000. Ripples Restaurants – Chowder Bay Building 7, Deck C, Chowder Bay Rd, Mosman 2088

Saving wildlife through Art

Animal Works is a unique conservation organisation... we find great value in harnessing the creativity and artistic passion of our team to raise funds for our projects. Co-Founder, Nafisa, is a professional portrait artist whose talent for capturing the soul and emotion in faces and forms is equally shown in people and animals she meets while on conservation projects. Click here to read more..