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Congratulations to JACQUIE RANDALL from NSW who has won the trip of a lifetime to see the orangutans in Borneo!

This fabulous prize will see Jacquie and a friend visit Camp Leakey, Kalimantan, Borneo. Once they arrive in Kalimantan, they’ll float down rivers in long boats amongst pristine jungle, rich in endemic fauna, buzzing with life. As they approach the jetty for Camp Leakey, they may find their group welcomed by a curious orang-utan! Camp Leakey is an orang-utan sanctuary, a place where rescued orphaned and displaced infant and adult orang-utans are rehabilitated, protected, and released. This is Orangutan Foundation International and OFI Australia Headquarters, and is definitely a life-changing and truly unforgettable experience.



AW CalendarOur new ‘I-Calendars’ feature highly detailed, beautiful artworks by Nafisa. Focussing on animal eyes – ‘the window to the soul’ – Nafisa has perfectly captured the beauty and personality of leopards, elephants, orangutans, tigers and other iconic wildlife that Animal Works is working to protect.

Proceeds of the calendar go directly to the purchase of Legacy Forest land at $100 per acre in Borneo, to build a safe enclosure for orphaned orangutans.

Calendars now on sale for $10 each, with $2 postage to anywhere in Australia, or $7 international postage.

They make wonderful gifts, just in time for the holiday season!

Special corporate offer: Would your organisation or business be interested in giving Animal Works calendars as corporate/christmas gifts this holiday season? We can insert your logo into the calendar to make it uniquely yours!  Please contact us for pricing.

Animal Works Calendar + postage within Australia:  $12.00      

Animal Works Calendar + postage outside of Australia:  $17.00      

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Special thanks goes to Fernhill Estate for sponsoring this calendar, we could not have produced this calendar without your generous support.




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Animal Works is a registered Australian not for profit association that works with partners around the globe to conserve wildlife. We are a coalition of film makers, authors, artists and conservationists who are passionate about the natural world and determined not to let the world’s most iconic species disappear.

Our mission is to make conservation everybody’s passion by spreading the word about the state of the natural world and what we can all do about it.

To achieve this, we work to draw attention to the plight of threatened species like orangutans, elephants and snow leopards through visual mediums, striking artworks and the written word. We believe that individuals can make a huge difference in the world by working together.  Animal Works is run entirely by volunteers, so you know that anything you donate is going straight to the animals, not into administration or institutional overheads.  We are a small organisation doing all we can to make a big difference.


Victorious students after setting the camera trap

Animal Works exists to support international wildlife conservation organisations such as Orangutan Foundation International – Australia (OFIA), Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), Panthera and Elephant Family.

AW raises funds for specific initiatives designed to help threatened keystone species in their natural habitat. Those initiatives form part of  specific projects run by our partner organisations (eg WTI, OTI). We direct all funds to specific acquisitions eg land, camera traps, milk, rescue vehicles that represent an investment in the future of these animals

Together, our organisations have aligned goals of:

ENCOURAGING PASSIONATE DISCUSSION AND FAST ACTION around the issues facing wildlife so that support can increase to achieve conservation goals.

INCREASING AWARENESS of the plights of iconic species worldwide through comprehensive educational and digital means.

EMPOWERING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE by creating a dedicated portal through which any support, no matter how large or small, can go directly into a project, and this support can be seen via real and definite results.

IMPLEMENTING COMPLETE SOLUTIONS – NOT BANDAID APPROACHES. Animal Works partners with projects and organisations only after performing an activity audit and rigourous selection process on the organisation and it’s affiliates. Every project is evaluated according to the overall success and permanency of its results, the short, medium and long lifecycle of it’s goals and the ability for the project to make a real difference to the issues facing particular wildlife species and the ecosystems that surround them. Projects vary from research, to rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured or threatened wildlife, retaining and protecting natural habitat, reducing human/animal conflict, and raising orphan animals for releasing, well equipped, back into the wild.

  • Read more about our unique arts-based fund raising approaches here
  • Read more about our international partners here
  • Read more about specific investment projects here







OFIA’s mission is to support and continue the orangutan and forest conservation efforts initiated by Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). The mission of the Orangutan Foundation International is to support the conservation, protection, and understanding of orangutans and their rain forest habitat while caring for ex-captive orangutan orphans as they make their way back to the forest.





Panthera’s mission is to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action.





Be a part of Animal Works and help us purchase the equipment, veterinary supplies, habitat, food and all other resources for the research, rescue, rehabilitation and release of endangered and threatened wildlife around the world.

Choose your project and show your support.

Animal Works works with real, physical resources animals need in order to survive and thrive, naturally and safely. Rather than pay ‘grey’ costs like wages, administration costs or marketing costs to either our committee, supporters or those in the field, we purchase equipment, natural untainted land, veterinary supplies, food, anti poaching gear, educational materials and research tools (like camera traps). You can be sure that your donations to Animal Works will go directly to a real solution – not into anyone’s salary.